Puritan’s Pride Probiotic Acidophilus with Pectin 3 billion/ 100 Capsules


โปรไบโอติก จุลินทรีย์สุขภาพ เสริมประสิทธิภาพระบบการย่อยและการดูดซึมของลำไส้ เสริมภูมิคุ้มกัน


จุลินทรีย์มีชีวิตกว่า 3 พันล้านตัว เหมาะสำหรับผู้ที่มีปัญหาเรื่องระบบการย่อยและการดูดซึม ช่วยเสริมระบบการย่อยและการดูดซึมในลำไส้ รวมทั้งช่วยแก้ปัญหาการขับถ่ายลำบาก บรรเทาอาการท้องอืด เสริมภูมิคุ้มกัน โดยผลิตภัณฑ์นี้จะมีความเข้มข้นของจุลินทรีย์ที่เป็นประโยชน์สูงและเข้มข้น สามารถช่วยเพิ่มจำนวนจุลินทรีย์ที่เป็นประโยชน์สำหรับร่างกายได้เป็นอย่างดี


วิธีรับประทาน: ครั้งละ 1 เม็ด วันละ 3 เวลา

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Puritan’s Pride Probiotic Acidophilus with Pectin 3 billion/ 100 Capsules

  • Puritan’s Pride Probiotic Acidophilus with Pectin 3 billion/ 100 Capsules


    -Friendly bacteria for the digestive and immune systems**
    -3 billion live cultures per serving with guaranteed quality and CFU through expiration 
    -New bottle for enhanced stability
    -Contains one to three month supply of rapid release capsules


    Probiotic Acidophilus 3 billion
    Acidophilus is a probiotic naturally found in the healthy human digestive tract. Puritan’s Pride® Acidophilus Plus® features a proprietary acidophilus blend. Each one-capsule serving provides 3 billion live CFUs of a blend of four unique probiotic strains, delivering friendly bacteria for both the digestive and immune systems.**


    For best results, take one capsule three times daily with or without a meal.


    Acidophilus Plus® is carefully packaged in a special desiccated vial to help control moisture for enhanced stability.


    Guaranteed quality and CFU through expiration when continuously stored in original packaging as directed.


    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size 1 Capsule
    Amount Per Serving    % Daily Value
    Proprietary Acidophilus Blend    
      (contains 3 Billion Live Culture CFU) 15 mg **
    -Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14,    
    -Bifidobacterium bifidum SD-5857,    
    -Lactobacillus salivarius Ls-33,    
    -Lactobacillus bulgaricus Lb-87    
    **Daily Value not established.    

    Directions: For adults, take one (1) capsule three times daily, with or without a meal.


    Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose, Gelatin, Calcium Silicate, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate. Contains milk ingredients.


    Guaranteed quality and CFU through expiration when continuously stored in the original packaging as directed. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


    WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children. Store unopened container at room temperature. Refrigerate after opening. Do not use if seal under cap is broken or missing.
    No Artificial Color, Flavor or Sweetener, No Sugar, No Starch, No Soy, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Fish. Sodium Free.


    Q: Should I take probiotics while on antibiotics?
    Antibiotics may deplete or alter the composition of microorganisms naturally residing in the gut.5 Probiotics provide friendly bacteria for the digestive system.** Puritan’s Pride probiotic products are not intended to serve as a replacement for antibiotic medications, nor should you discontinue taking prescribed medications while supplementing with probiotics.


    Q: Can probiotics help with gas and bloating?
    Just like eating one type of food is not going to cover all of your nutritional needs, one strain of probiotic is unlikely to cover all of your digestive concerns. The benefits of a probiotic are dependent on the amount and type of strains included in the formula. Certain probiotic strains, like those found in Puritan’s Pride® Probiotic Gummies provide relief from occasional constipation, gas and bloating when taken daily.**


    Q: What is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?
    Both probiotics and prebiotics can support your gut microbiota but there are important differences between the two.** Probiotics are live microorganisms that are intended to introduce new, friendly bacteria to your gut. Prebiotics can be thought of as food for the microorganisms already residing within your gut. Unlike probiotics, prebiotics are not alive. They are food substances, like fibers, that we cannot digest ourselves but are selectively utilized by the beneficial microorganisms already residing in our gut.


    Q: If I eat fermented foods, I will not benefit from a probiotic supplement?
    Fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso and kimchi are produced using microorganisms. However, these microorganisms are chosen for their role in food production, not necessarily for their health benefits and typically only use a single type of probiotic. After cooking, processing, and storage, not all fermented foods will contain live, viable microorganisms by the time you are ready to enjoy them. A diet that includes fermented foods can be supplemented with probiotics to improve the quality, quantity and variety of strains consumed to provide optimal health benefits.**


    Q: Should Probiotics only be taken for short periods?
    For continued benefits, probiotic supplements should be taken on a routine, ongoing basis. The changes that occur to gut microbiota with supplementation are temporary. If supplementation is discontinued, a person’s microbiota will typically return to its previous status within one to three weeks.1


    Q: Should I store all probiotics in the refrigerator?
    Since probiotics are live microorganisms, they need to be stored properly with care. Proper storage conditions will vary depending on the strains of probiotics in the product. Probiotics should not be stored in the refrigerator unless instructed to do so on the packaging by the manufacturer.


    At Puritan’s Pride®, we take special care to choose the right packaging to suit the particular needs of the strains in our products. Strains that are sensitive to humidity are packaged in advanced bottles with desiccant technology to control moisture. Other strains are happy in our opaque white bottles that block out light. Things you can do at home to ensure the potency of your probiotics are to make sure the bottle is tightly sealed and avoid storing in areas such as the bathroom where showers can generate excessive humidity.